Friday, September 24, 2010

Heidi - Love that shot link up

Well, it's been a long month!
I've been taking LOTS of pics, but not taking the time to post here. Sry!
I did get out with Heidi yesterday and take some shots for her senior pics. There are just some great grungy places around town to take pics that I couldn't resist. We will go out another day and do the pretty field pics and such, but these were just to have fun, and hopefully get some interesting shots. So here's my favorite:I love that the light is coming across her on the right side, but it was a bit too bright, so I softened it a bit. We did this from the other side first, but had to move around to accommodate the breeze. I love this picture because her eyes stand out so well.

I just joined up over at Love that shot, and wow what an overload of inspiration that site is! =)

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Puna said...

What a great job! I love how you worked with the light.