Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Having a productive week so far. Minus the microwave dieing and the blower in my van dieing. Minor problems really when you take into consideration that we are all healthy and happy. I have to put things into perspective every now and then to keep myself grounded.
Like this weekend. It was my birthday Saturday, and instead of going out with friends, which I would normally do, I stayed home with my kids and mom and my aunt who was in town for the weekend. I am soooo glad I did. Not only did I not have that horrid hangover Sunday morning, but I would have missed out on moments like this:

Mom, Aunt Jeanie, Katherine
balancing spoons!

it's not a very good picture because it's from my phone, but I love it! We sat around and taught the kids how to play the card game 'spoons' Do y'all know how to play that? I hadn't played in years and boy did we have fun. I would have missed that if I hadn't stayed in for the night.

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Nicolasa said...

what a fun picture! This reminds me of that card game called spoons! Have you ever played it?

Leticia said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! If you do get a similar picture with your girls I'd love to see it!