Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Having a productive week so far. Minus the microwave dieing and the blower in my van dieing. Minor problems really when you take into consideration that we are all healthy and happy. I have to put things into perspective every now and then to keep myself grounded.
Like this weekend. It was my birthday Saturday, and instead of going out with friends, which I would normally do, I stayed home with my kids and mom and my aunt who was in town for the weekend. I am soooo glad I did. Not only did I not have that horrid hangover Sunday morning, but I would have missed out on moments like this:

Mom, Aunt Jeanie, Katherine
balancing spoons!

it's not a very good picture because it's from my phone, but I love it! We sat around and taught the kids how to play the card game 'spoons' Do y'all know how to play that? I hadn't played in years and boy did we have fun. I would have missed that if I hadn't stayed in for the night.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I love Sundays...

My day, so far....

Yesterday was my birthday. We had cake for breakfast at moms this morning =)

Spider Lily's are blooming in my yard! It really is fall =)

This is where I want to take pictures next. It's an old barn in the pasture across the road from my house.

And here too, under these trees.

Maybe with her...

Friday, September 24, 2010

More pics of Heidi

Just popping in really quick to post a few more of the pics I got of Heidi yesterday.

Heidi - Love that shot link up

Well, it's been a long month!
I've been taking LOTS of pics, but not taking the time to post here. Sry!
I did get out with Heidi yesterday and take some shots for her senior pics. There are just some great grungy places around town to take pics that I couldn't resist. We will go out another day and do the pretty field pics and such, but these were just to have fun, and hopefully get some interesting shots. So here's my favorite:I love that the light is coming across her on the right side, but it was a bit too bright, so I softened it a bit. We did this from the other side first, but had to move around to accommodate the breeze. I love this picture because her eyes stand out so well.

I just joined up over at Love that shot, and wow what an overload of inspiration that site is! =)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cleaning House

Excuse me while I do a little house cleaning here!

If you happened by here from a link to download a digital scrap goodie. I'm sorry.
They are all gone. They were all here for a very long time and I'm sorry you missed out on snagging them.

On to other adventures!

I am going to turn this into a photo blog. I don't promise fantastic, awe inspiring pics, but I do promise to have fun and learn everything I can about my camera.

I gotta get everything organized here and over at Flikr so when the kids get started back in school and I get this project really going, there won't be any snags.